What Is NODE?

Nodewaves Nodes are the individual computers spread across the globe that support the Nodewaves Ecosystem. When you purchase a Node license, you can download and run a node on your personal Mac or Windows computer which will open up opportunities to receive rewards, exclusive NFTs, and will help the Nodewaves Ecosystem grow.

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    Each node is allowed to vote on proposed changes to the Nodewaves chain and nodes will also hold greater voting power throughout the Nodewaverse

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    Nodewaves node operators will receive daily rewards for the nodes work

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    Node owners will also be rewarded with NFT drops and tokens based on their reputational score as node operators and general community members.

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  • oursolution

    Our Solution

    Nodewaves's polygon L2 scaling solution uses zero-knowledge technology (zk-S s with to “roll-up” or bundle thousands of L2 transactions into one single transaction. This then sends a validity proof back to the main blockchain, preserving the security of L1 Nodewaves. Nodewaves's zkrollup solution enable NFTs and dApps to achieve unlimited scale, low transaction fees without sacrificing on security.

  • scalesecurity

    Scale With Security

    Polygon -level security provided by zk-STs Transparent and post-quantum...

  • reliablyprogrammable

    Reliably Programmable

    Allows for development of provable on-chain complexity Native support for...

  • permissionless

    Open & Permissionless

    Building towards a decentralized and permissionless network Full ownership...

Key Features

Software Nodes

Buy a license, run the node software to confirm transactions, and earn rewards!



Interesting Features

  • The largest pool is reserved for the NODE rewards at 25%

  • The largest pool is reserved for the community PoB rewards at 25%

  • 3% of the tokens will be allocated towards metaverse partnerships

  • The largest pool is reserved for Liquidity pool 15%

  • Team tokens are locked for 12 months and thereafter vesting for 18 months.

  • 5% of raised funds will go towards talent acquisition and creation of 3d modelling and gaming...

  • Seed & Private sales 3% tokens are locked for 12 months and thereafter vesting for 18 months.

  • Max Supply = 10 billion

  • No IDO/ICO

Frequently Asked Questions

The metaverse economy offers the potential of a wide range of revenue streams. Nodewaves enhancing the power of metaverse economy through blockchain.


Nodewaves Node Distribution refers to the act of distributing NWS and other tokens through the ecosystem via the operations of Nodewaves nodes. Nodewaves node operators who run their nodes for the minimum required time period in each cycle will received .

The point system is used to determine how NWS COIN will be distributed on a daily basis. Nodewaves Node operators must operate their nodes for 6 hours a day in order to receive their nodewaves node distribution points.

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